A Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard helps a customer select products that match their needs. A Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard uses multi-dimensional hierarchical reduction (dynamic querying to rapidly filter data) to eliminate irrelevant material from the discovery process and to reduce the size of the dataset.

Product finders help narrow down choices for customers. They act as a filter to match a customer with their perfect product for them. Forbes estimates that 30% of all purchases are returned. The increase in impulse buying during the pandemic also indicates how retailers need to provide better product information to keep return these rates under control.  In fact, 60-65% of returns are linked to product information quality and decision-making.

There are two types of Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizards:

The first type is a quiz wizard that asks the shopper a series of hierarchically reductive questions to identify their needs and wants. The wizard creates a dialogue with customers to help them make better decisions, throughout their customer journey, as they navigate your website shop funnelThe Product Selection/Ecommerce asks the customer of product attributes (color, dimensions, shape, style, etc.) related to the product or the product's usage (how the product will be used in what setting the product will be used). Based on the shopper's answers, the Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard recommends the perfect product(s).

The second type of Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard provides a multi-dimensional, multi-hierarchical product reduction selection criterion that are based upon the products' attributes (dimensions, materials, usage, etc). This Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard allows is for the customer that does not truly know the attributes they are looking for nor how to find it on the company's website. The customer has the ability to start anywhere; within any attribute selection column criteria. The dynamic querying will remove non-relevant (illogical) attributes from the dataset, with the resultant product choices left being the only configurations possible.

Typically, the Product Selection/Ecommerce Wizard will identify the unique product wanted, within three clicks. Occasionally, the resultant dataset will be more than one, because the products attributes are identical within the given data parameters. In such cases, the customer needs to find another differentiating factor, such as the products' price.