Business plan preparation and strategy
Business plan preparation and strategy

Components of a Customized Business Plan:

Ø  An executive summary

Ø  A market and competitive analysis assessment ("SWOT")

Ø  An operational and marketing plan

Ø  A financial plan with 3-5 years of financial projections

Ø  And other essential components required by potential investors, as required for specific industries


Ask any successful sports coach how they win so many games, and they'll tell you they have a unique plan for every single game. The same logic applies to business. If you want to build a thriving company that can pull ahead of the competition, you need to prepare for battle before breaking into a market. ALBA Consultants customized business plans provide: an effective strategy for growth, an operation plan on how to get there, a vehicle to raise money from investors and banks, and an assessment of future financial needs.

Purpose of a Business Plan:

Ø  Outlines the company's goals and sales strategies

Ø  Guides the executives along the journey of growing a company

o   Details how a company will achieve its goals

Ø  Keeps the managers on the path toward success

Ø  Convinces potential investors such as venture capitalists or a bank loan to provide funding

Examples of Business Plan Preparation

ALBA Consultants have written dozens of business plans for companies that have raised, in total, over $50 Million from investors.