Branding is the process of creating a distinct identity for a business or product in the mind of the target consumers, in order to build out the storyline and communicate the message via public relations and advertising.

Components of Branding:

Ø  Creation of company/product logo

Ø  Conception of visual design

Ø  Construction of mission/position statement

Ø  Sets the tone of voice

Ø  Identifies the expected user experience

Examples of Brand Building

ALBA Consultants created an international brand for the FootMate® System ( The product became a top 10 seller in the health and beauty category on Amazon. Sales climbed to over $3M in two years. The product was so popular that it attracted numerous Chinese knock-offs.

Public Relations

Public relations communicates the company's image to the outside world.

Purpose of Public Relations:

Ø  Puts the company/brand in the best light possible

Ø  Builds the reputation of key company personnel

ALBA Consultants created a "Proud To Be An American Manufacturer" public relations campaign for a company and its CEO. As a result of this campaign, the company's CEO was the recipient of numerous awards from American made organizations and was made an "American Made Hero". In addition, the company was visited by United States House of Representatives Majority leader, Steny Hoyer as well as other members of Congress and local political dignitaries.

Examples of Public Relations

Brand Building & Public Relations