Industrial Manufacturing Compliance:

Regulatory Compliance:

Ø  Adhering to the regulations that apply to a company's business

OSHA compliance:

Ø  Ensuring a workplace that is safe from serious hazards that can cause danger to employees

Examples of Industrial Manufacturing Compliance

ALBA Consultants wrote factory equipment and machine operator safety manuals. ALBA Consultants also trained machine operators and issued user verification certificates.

Inventory Control and Inventory Management

While they both deal with aspects of inventory, inventory control is different from inventory management. Better inventory management can be achieved when inventory control is improved.

Inventory Control:

Ø  Works with the inventory physically in the warehouse

Ø  Requires:

o    Knowing what products are in inventory

o    Knowing location within the warehouse

Ø Ensures that the inventory is organized in a way that minimizes costs

Ø Safeguards that the inventory remains in good condition

Inventory Management:

Ø  Includes the business process of product replenishment and forecasting

Ø  Trains management on:

o    When to reorder products

o    How much product to order (to avoid stockouts or too much inventory)

o    Ensures that the right inventory:

  • Is in the correct location

  • At the right time

  • With the correct quantity

Examples of Inventory Control & Management

ALBA Consultants created an inventory control and management system that integrated into the company's database and eCommerce platform. ALBA Consultants created an algorithm (called available-to-promise) that was communicated through the use of API's (an API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. An API is the messenger that delivers a request to the provider that is making the requesting and then delivers the response back. An API enables databases to "talk" to each other), the back-end of the website was able to inform the online buyer if stock was available, how much stock was available, or if the product was out of stock.