Net Promoter Score is important so one can learn more about your customers. By collecting their feedback, you can identify customer behaviors and challenges proactively. Then you can reach out to empower them to succeed, instead of waiting for them to call you with a problem.

NPS is determined by asking customers, "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend to a friend?", and asking them why they gave the answer they did.

Your customer NPS gives you an idea of the level of customer satisfaction you've achieved thus far. The higher your NPS, the greater number of promoters, or happy customers, you have relative to detractors, or unhappy customers. This is an important metric to track because an NPS® has a customer lifetime value that's 600% - 1400% higher than a detractor.

Customer NPS gives you a good benchmark to judge your customers' perception and depending on how high or low the number is, you can take action. If your NPS is low, why is it low? And if your NPS is high, great job -- now, how are you going to capitalize on that?