The back-end (server-side) of an eCommerce website is the data access layer that holds products, orders, customer information, prices, promotions, product images, order details, and fulfillment.


Ø  Created massive database to process, store, and transfer data to and from the customer-facing side to make the front-end interactive

Ø  Designed interface for customers to view products, place orders, and manage their purchases using their own devices

Back-end eCommerce website development
Back-end eCommerce website development

Examples of Back-End Ecommerce Website Development

ALBA Consultants have developed dozens of Ecommerce websites. In partnership with a front-end developer, we have produced gorgeous, hierarchical reductive websites where product identification occurs in three clicks or less. We have also developed product wizards for easy identification and selection, when you are not sure what you want or need to purchase.