Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions ("M&A") are transactions in which the ownership of companies or their operating units transfer assets and liabilities to another entity.

Types of Mergers: 

Ø  General mergers

Ø  Parent-subsidiary mergers

Ø  Triangular mergers

Ø  Reverse mergers

Ø  Multi-entity mergers

Purpose of Mergers:

Ø  Consolidating companies or assets, with an eye toward stimulating growth

Ø  Gaining a competitive advantage

Ø  Increasing market share

Ø  Affecting supply chains

Examples of Mergers & Acquisitions

ALBA Consultants have assisted in mergers and acquisitions in excess of $250 Million. ALBA Consultants have worked with clients to: identify companies and subsidiaries to be acquired and companies/subsidiaries wanting to be acquired, perform due diligence on mergers & acquisitions, negotiate the merger or acquisition terms, and assisted in the integration of the merged or acquired companies.

Turn-Around Management

Turnaround management is a process dedicated to corporate renewal by way of transformation

Turn-Around Management

Ø  Uses analysis and planning to save un-profitable companies

Ø  Identifies the reasons for failing performance in the market

Ø  Rectifies the poor performance

Ø  Positions the poorly performing company for acquisition

Ø  Returns companies to solvency

Turn-Around Management Consultant:

Ø  Serves as a replacement CEO

Ø  Makes potentially unpopular decisions that are difficult but necessary for the improvement (and continued survival) of the company

Examples of Turn-Around Management

ALBA Consultants have been responsible for the successful turn-around and acquisition of several companies. Examples include: a large veterinary laboratory and an early-stage, functional genomics company. ALBA Consultants success lies in its ability to identify the root causes affecting the poor performance and devise the appropriate transformational operating strategies to correct the decline. Once the decline has plateaued, the company can be repositioned for growth or acquisition.