Medical Economic and Informatics Analysis of Healthcare Data

— Convert raw data, from multiple disparate data sources into usable and useful information

— Predictive Modeling

— Statistical Analysis

Analysis of Disease Management Programs

— Statistical Analysis of Clinical Trials

— Disease Registries

— Disease-Specific Report Cards

— Risk Stratification

— Outcomes Research

— Physician Profiling

— What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

— Discover or Identify Hidden Opportunities or Issues

How This Benefits Your Organization

— Improves financial, clinical, and operational performance

— Better management of costs associated with complicated diseases

  • Identifies patient members for disease management programs or other interventions

  • Identifies high cost utilizers of services and frequent flyers (high-risk cases)

— Generates physician report card (comparative provider performance)

  • Identifies aberrant physician practice patterns

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What is healthcare informatics?What is healthcare informatics?